​IU School of Medicine offers an events calendar for each school campus and academic department to make it easier to publish and promote events and programs. All entries on an individual calendar automatically feed the master calendar for IU School of Medicine, making the event information we publish on our website pages, digital screens and social channels comprehensive, representing the entire school. Below is follow-up information and FAQs related to the new calendar system.
Instructions for using the new calendar system are in the presentation deck in the Document Library at the bottom of this page; additional information is available at
Access new calendars through by selecting “My IU Calendar.”
Each department and campus has two calendars in the new school wide system. Always use the publishing calendar (the one in ALL CAPS) to enter events.
Use short but descriptive name, keeping in mind that these events will automatically be added to the all-school calendar so it’s important to differentiate your event from those that may be similar but hosted by different teams.
Empty fields won’t show up on the events page, so don’t worry if you don’t put information in fields that don’t apply to your event.
Frequently Asked Questions
How do I add new users to a campus or department calendar?
If new users on your team need to be added to your campus or department calendar, please send the person’s name and username to Lynn Boak (at

Am I allowed to add only one image for an event listing?
Yes. Each event listing can accommodate one image.
Can I change the event location on a single occurrence in an event with recurring sessions?
Yes. Navigate to the calendar event and select “Edit” to adjust information for a single occurrence.

Is it appropriate to publish internal events (e.g., SIG meetings, Enrichment Hour program)?
Yes. It’s great to show that IUSM offers a wide range of events and programs for students, faculty and staff as well as events for external audiences. Just be clear in the event description about who is invited, what costs may be associated with event attendance and if registration is required.

Does the new IUSM calendar system integrate with Outlook?
The system produces an .ics file so we’re looking into the possibility of Outlook integration, but this is not currently a feature being offered by the IU-sponsored system.
Thanks for your work to populate these calendars to ensure that IUSM communications reflects the full range of programs and events we offer. Please get in touch if you have any questions or thoughts about application of the new calendar system on the website and other communication platforms. 
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