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‚ÄčTaking Classes

If you are a postdoc interested in registering for a graduate course, check with the department administrator to determine how the course expense will be covered and if the application fee will be waived.

Paying for the Course: 

If classified as an employee (Postdoctoral Appointee), then they are eligible for the IU Tuition Benefit through Human Resources.  If not classified as an employee and funded under a training grant (Postdoctoral Fellow), often the grant includes funding for tuition and professional development programs. Speak to a department and/or grant administrator to learn how to proceed. 

Registering for the Course: 

If registering for a course but not seeking another degree, the status would be classified as Graduate Non-Degree (GND), and a GND application must be completed prior to registration. This application is available online through the IUPUI Graduate Office and typically includes an application fee. Prior to completing the application, applicants should speak to a department administrator, as they often request the application fee to be waived. After submitting the application, a confirmation email from the Graduate Office will be sent with detailed instructions on how to register for the course.