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10 Characteristics of Lab Space Efficiency.pdf 
10 Characteristics of Lab Space Efficiency10 Characteristics of Lab Space EfficiencyNone8/5/2022 11:16 AMPediatrics IT - Tech3
2022 IUSM Lab Space Assessment Report.pdf 
2022 IUSM Lab Space Assessment Report2022 IUSM Lab Space Assessment ReportNone8/5/2022 11:16 AMPediatrics IT - Tech3
Characteristics of Efficient Material Management.docx 
Steps for Efficient Material Management in Your LabSome Steps for Efficient Material ManagementMaterials Management Resources4/2/2019 9:11 AMDavis,Karin Mueller
Fisher Scientific Stocked Items.pdf 
Fisher Scientific Stocked ItemsItems Stocked by Fisher Scientific in R3 Room 138None12/6/2019 2:34 PMAlkhalidi, Haidar
Freezer Challenge Good Management Practices.pdf 
Good Management PracticesGood Management Practices.  The International Freezer Challenge. 2019 March 15Freezer & Refrigerator Management Resources4/12/2019 1:08 PMDavis,Karin Mueller
IUSM Guiding Principles for Space Management[2].pdf 
IUSM Facility and Space Utilization's Guiding Principles for Space ManagementIUSM Guiding Principles for Space ManagementSpace Management Resources12/11/2019 8:58 AMDavis,Karin Mueller
11/25/2019 update from Rick Patrick via Chris Cline email to Karin Davis1.0
IUSM Research Questionnaire 2020 01 09.docx 
Research Faculty Recruit Onboarding QuestionnaireResearch Faculty Recruit Onboarding QuestionnaireOnboarding1/9/2020 10:09 AMDavis,Karin Mueller
Lab Space Efficiency.docx 
Lab Space EfficiencyLab Space Efficiency Initiative creates opportunities for research growthNone7/8/2022 3:58 PMPediatrics-Tech5